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March 25, 2004
IGS Shipping From Our Warehouse Underway
We are proud to announce that Industrial Global Sales successfully started shipping orders this week from our warehouse facility in Sunrise, Florida as scheduled.

The first two shipments, each one a single pallet, bound for Puerto Rico and Mexico respectively, left our facility Wednesday in route to the freight forwarders appointed by our customers.

The above mentioned orders were processed at the end of last week, and shipped in less than 72 hours, as offered in previous communications.

Industrial Global Sales will continue to offer such a short response time in your orders, as long as the parts requested are included in our stock list. If they are not included in our stock list, the parts will be promptly ordered to the factory for delivery to our warehouse, where we would prepare your order combining your stock and no-stock items and ship your order as soon as the % fill requested in your instructions is reached.

Below you will find a few pictures with details of the activities related to our first shipments.

If you have any questions, or have not received out stock list, please do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.


Carlos Casadevall Sales Manager, Industrial Global Sales

Boston and Weatherhead Hose reels stocked in our warehouse, wait their turn to be picked for delivery to their destination

Every part is bagged and carefully counted at the picking stage. Each bag is labeled with the part number, quantity and PO number. Later, during the shipping process, the parts inside every bag are counted again to ensure error-free delivery.

Boxes are secured in each pallet to avoid damage during handling and transport.

An overview of part of our Sunrise warehouse facility taken from the shipping area. Notice in the picture our Customer Service Rep Mariela Webb (beige pants, black shirt), carefully inspecting the shipping process to make sure that everything is “export ready”, and prepared according to customer and freight forwarder requirements.

Amado Castro, our Shipping Manager, carefully wraps the secured pallet in plastic film for additional protection.

Irene Flores, CS Rep, standing proudly with the pallet ready to be shipped.She is happy..... The headaches of “drop-shipments” are over......

Mission accomplished!  Now our biggest challenge is to keep improving our service for our customers.We are fully committed to this goal!!

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