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February 01, 2008
IGS and SPX Power Team start strategic relationship for Latin America
IGS has started to receive the initial inventory destined to handle the Latin American distribution channels for SPX Power Team.

We are pleased to inform that, since January 1st 2008, IGS assumed the responsibility of handling a group of approximately 20 Latin American SPX Power Team distributors. These distributors are located everywhere in Latin America except Brazil and Mexico, whose channels will continue to be handled by SPX Power Team in the U.S.A.

I.G.S. responsibilities include: inside sales, warehousing and stocking of the SPX Power Team products, credit and accounts receivable, while sales support and development will still be the responsibility of the SPX Power Team sales group.

These group of existing SPX Power Team distributors already started enjoying the service of our customer support team (Orange Team), and access to the business to business section of the IGS website, where they can check our inventory on line in real time, enter quotes, place orders and check their a/p status among other functions.

Attached you will find some pictures showing the bulk of the initial stock order received from the factory, as it was been received and classified earlier this week.

SPX POWER TEAM is a world leader in hydraulic special service tools and equipment for motor vehicle and industrial markets. It manufactures precision quality high-pressure hydraulic products which include pumps, cylinders, valves, clamping components, related hydraulic accessories, and special tools and equipment.

These precision quality products are used wherever strong, concentrated force is required. The markets for these products include manufacturing, construction, motor vehicle, mining, utilities, shipyards, rescue operations and many more.

Industrial Global Sales is the international division of the Aero Hardware group, acting as the export branch for Eaton Hydraulics for Latin America and handling Boston and Weatherhead international Sales worldwide, outside of North America. Our sales grew more than 30% in 2007, and we are anticipating a similar growth for 2008, thanks in parts, to this new strategic relationship with SPX Power Team.

Feel free to contact us for information about this or any other related topic.

Best Regards,

Carlos Casadevall
Sales Manager, Industrial Global Sales
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