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October 30, 2008
IGS Hosts its Annual Dinner Event at the Eaton Distributors Meeting

The Eaton Distributors meeting has become the yearly event where most of our affiliates and distributors meet, not only to learn about new products and technologies in Hydraulics and Fluid Conveyance, but also to network and exchange ideas between them.

Eaton Distributors Meeting
IGS shirts (light blue) and green shirts (Eaton) dominated the scene
Eaton Distributors Meeting
Mr. Bill Van Arsdale, President Eaton Hydraulic Operations directs a few words to the audience

Year after year, a big group of our network takes the time and efforts to participate, and this year was no exception, with affiliates and distributors attending from the following countries:

Belize (Caribbean Tire), Honduras (Central de Mangueras), Costa Rica (Central de Mangueras), Cayman Islands (Associated Industries), Puerto Rico (HL Associates), St. Thomas (Island Rigging), Trinidad & Tobago (Trinidad Hose), Columbia (PCL, S.A.), Columbia (Supplytec, S.A.), Venezuela (Rediseca), Ecuador (Marco Ecuador), Peru (Marco Peruana), Chile (Marco Industrial, S.A), South Africa (Hyflo), Peru (Powermatic).

Eaton Distributors Meeting
EDM Trade Show
Eaton Distributors Meeting
From left to right: Carlos Casadevall (IGS), Billy Waters (Rediseca), Jose L. Postorivo (Rediseca), Raymond Mir (Eaton), and Carlos Sigala (IGS)

Besides our affiliates, distributors and key personnel form our sister company, Hydraulic Supply; our annual dinner event was also attended by several of the Eaton officers in the EDM, who were glad to see the camaraderie and commitment they have with the Eaton lines they proudly distribute in their countries.

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