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January 27, 2010
Eaton Hydraulics Leadership members visit HSC/IGS facilities

Hydraulic Supply and Industrial Global Sales team members were proud to receive the visit of several Eaton Senior Leadership team members to our facilities last October 12 and 13. During their visit and related meetings, several topics were discussed; including the forecast and impending recovery of the world economy in 2010, HSC increasing role as a key partner to Eaton and IGS expanding role in Latin America and the Caribbean.

It was also a suitable occasion to show Eaton officials our expanded facilities in Sunrise and showcase Hydraulic Supply's retail operations in the area.

Eaton visitors included:

  • Craig Arnold, Vice Chairman and Chief Operating Officer - Industrial Sector for Eaton Corporation
  • Jeff Krakowiac, Senior VP of Sales and Marketing, Eaton Corporation
  • Scott Krueger, Hydraulic Business Vice President / General Manager - America's
  • Jeff Finch, Vice President & General Manager Eaton Hydraulics, Fluid Conveyance Products
  • Greg Gumbs, Director of Sales, Americas, Eaton Hydraulics
  • Shannon Melton, Regional Sales Manager - Southeast US and Latin America
  • Raymond Mir, Sales Manager, Latin America

Many thanks to all for making an effort to come, and all those in HSC/IGS that helped organizing these visits and meetings.

Eaton's Visit

From left to right: Jim Inglis, Greg Gumbs, Maureen Ward, Craig Arnold, Nelson Reinhart, Scott Krueger, Raymond Mir, Luis Abellon, Jeff Finch, Jeff Krakowiac, John Serra, Shannon Melton, Carlos Casadevall

Eaton's Visit

Raymond and Shannon seem to be talking about the next round of price increases...

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