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April, 2013

Aeroquip High Performance Products in Barbados

SDRR Hydraulics is the official Affiliate for EATON´s on both Fluid Conveyance and Hydraulic Components in Barbados. They are strongly involved in all markets including; construction, agriculture, Marine, Automotive, etc. However Barbados is also known for its passion for Motor sports including Rally Races.

Their two main events are the Sol Rally Barbados in May and the Circuit Racing William Industries International in August. SDRR has a car that participates in all the events and is doing extremely well this year. It has finished first on the last preliminary race. This Honda is fully stocked with Aeroquip high performance fittings, hoses and accessories that help on its performance while keeping it light weight.

Dominic Brooker, one of the partners at SDRR, is the one behind all this with his passion for the sport. Dominic is always getting on the tracks during his free time and he is even getting the kids involved now.

This is another great success story behind the Eaton Products!

The IGS Team.

Aeroquip High Performance Products in Barbados

Aeroquip High Performance Products in Barbados

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