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December, 2013

Eaton Distributors Meeting 2013

Eaton Corporation held its traditional Eaton Distributors Meeting for their hydraulics division, from September 15 to the 18th at the Peabody Hotel in Orlando Among the highlights of the event were the seminars and presentations of new products and solutions, the presentation of Sandy Cutler, CEO of Eaton Corporation with his view for Eaton Corp and the Industry in general and the always anticipated presentation by Jim Meil, CFO of Eaton Corporation, with the Global economy and forecast of the industry in 2014.

Last but not least, Industrial Global Sales held its traditional annual distributors meeting celebration during the event, which was an excellent opportunity for our affiliates to interact with Eaton executives, IGS personnel and among their peers.

Please watch video below with some of the highlights of the event:

The IGS Team.

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