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February 2014

Eaton / IGS visit to the Panama Canal

In mid-January we visited the facilities of the Panama Canal Authority, accompanied by Robert Sotuer, Martin Ortiz and Edgardo Batista representing of our affiliate PROTECSA. Also visiting was Raymond Mir, the sales representative for Eaton Hydraulics and Carlos Casadevall, the principal of IGS.

The visit encompassed different operational areas Panama Canal, starting from the Pedro Miguel Locks, and ending with the Gamboa Dredging Division. During the tour we visited the various shops and departments and discussed their various technical inquiries and needs.

Eaton maintains its presence in one of the greatest architectural wonders of the world with high quality products and great service provided by our affiliate PROTECSA and IGS.

Congratulations to Protecsa for the GREAT work they do in the Panamanian Territory!

The IGS Team

Eaton / IGS visit to the Panama Canal            Eaton / IGS visit to the Panama Canal

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